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Legislation, standards, language barriers and Workers Councils…Germany is a complicated market.
With INDURITY you only have one partner who manages all your security and safety related topics in Germany and supports that in the surrounding states, also.
There is a lot of specific local legislation that needs to be considered/implemented and for many of those the management is personally liable. Additionally, international companies have their own global standards that shall be adopted for their site(s).
Giving those tasks to us leads to a significant decrease of effort for you and parallel we generate synergies by providing a team of experts on different HSSE fields who are working closely together to create the maximum Benefit and compliance.
No matter where you are located – we represent you and your interests at the local site(s).
To reach that goal we avoid conflicts of interests, e.g. we are completely independent from guarding companies or manufacturers.
Tasks that can’t be professionally fulfilled by our own experts will be solved by partners of our exquisite network.
On this homepage you can find more detailled information about the services we cover with our own team.
If you are interested in receiving high quality services out of one hand from an honest and reliable partner, please contact us and together we will develop the best concept for your needs.

Best regards

Arne Höft
Managing Director

Our quality standards

Our company philosophy is based on six main aspects, which define us as reliable business partners.


The satisfaction of every customer counts. No matter if we support a customer only one day or permanently: the quality must fit.


We only offer services we can cover professionally.


INDURITY only employs specialists with specific qualifications and experiences.
Frequent further education is not a bonus, it's part of our philosophy.

Employee satisfaction

Long term quality can only be ensured when the know-how stays in the company.
Therefore, also the employee satisfaction is one of our main goals.


It's so important that we made it part of our logo.
INDURITY is an owner-managed company with no dependencies on guarding companies or manufacturers.


We aim on the realization of ideal solutions for the best possible prices without promoting dumping.