Safety is a high rated topic in Germany and therefore firmly established by law.
Every manager has a duty of care for the employees and violations of that can lead to a personal liability for responsible persons.
That’s the little threatening part, we are more focussing on the positive effects of a good working safety organization.
If it’s not part of the official customer philosophy anyway, we are aiming on having the customers promoting safety for its advantages.
A company that promotes safety actively can increase the employee’s satisfaction with it and the success of safety measures can be measured by a reduction of times of absent caused by illness or accidents.
This is not limited to e.g. production areas, especially the health problems with view on (chronic) back pain and psychological stress in offices are rising.
If coordinated and implemented well, even quite simple counter-measures can lead to good -and sometimes quick- results.
Additionally, international companies often have a safety related certification or an own global management system. With INDURITY you have a partner who is able to implement that locally and in accordance with the German legislation.

Karolina Ganczak-Vukobrat, M.Sc.

Safety Manager

On site health and safety

The German authorities define the minimum amount of safety engineering and works doctor service hours according to the classification of a company and require additional individual hours based on the local need.
Our safety engineers support you in the definition of the required amount and provide the agreed scope. Additionally, we can take care about finding and contracting an external works doctor.
Your advantage with us: besides of having only one contact for all HSSE related topics we are flexible in the design of the contract. For the initial set-up of safety measures and processes more service hours will be necessary than in a later phase, when the focus switches to the upkeep and optimization of those.

Safety on a superior layer

Management systems and certification like ISO 45001 (formerly OHSAS 18001) meanwhile are a standard for many international companies.
We support you in developing a safety management system respectively in implementing the existing corporate standard in accordance with local legislation. Also, we offer to audit and improve existing systems.
The same applies to respective certifications.

Furthermore, we offer to manage the whole health and safety organization for all your sites in our region. This leads to synergy effects by implementing standards and best practice processes. With that mistakes on one site will not be repeated at another and travelling personnel needs to consider as less as possible different rules at the single sites.

Digital documentation

Even in international companies the safety processes are still managed like 20 years ago, meaning the whole documentation is made with Excel.
In general this system is working, but with a rising number of employees and sites the effort for keeping the lists up to date is increasing overproportioned.
That makes it difficult to reach, keep and manage a documentation according to the law.

In cooperation with a reliable partner we offer our customers to digitize their safety organization.
Just with a few clicks the “Compliance Center” shows all necessary information about trainings and deadlines for renewals. Workplace safety assessments as well as trainings are being documented legal and further useful functions like working equipment check ups or dangerous goods management are included, also.
Additionally the system can be used for accident reporting and offers a “housekeeping” function for the registration of any other kind of incident, disorder or outage on site.