Security is a wide and complex field with constantly changing threats.
Even for security specialists it is quite challenging to stay up-to-date, for people who try to cover the security part besides other tasks it is nearly impossible.
For foreign corporate security managers it is not easy to work on the German market, because the language barriers are still high and local legislation needs to be considered.
We are specialized on the security business in Germany and the German speaking countries, so we can perfectly support you on that.

Matthias Krogner

Security and Safety Engineer B.Sc.

Tailored for you and your company

We consult you in all security questions, define your individual risks, detect weaknesses, show potential for improvements and support you at the creation and implementation of appropriate measures.

• You need a professional, individual and thorough security concept?
• You are facing a security relevant project and would like to have professional support?
• You are responsible for the security of an international company and look for someone to support you in the German speaking countries?
• You want to improve the employee security awareness with campaigns and/or trainings?
• You need support regarding security related certifications?
• You would like to start a tender for guarding services or technical security systems?
• You want to define security standards and implement them?

Doing it properly

You set the standards, but are located too far away and/or have no capacities to take care about the local operational business.
We are specialized on the external security management as support for global companies and their corporate managers. Our aim is to represent our global customers at their local sites, bringing together the corporate standards/policies with the German legislation as well as the local needs.

Some examples why our customers choose us as their partner
• The company has a strategic change and everything that is not part of the core business shall be outsourced
• The customer needs a reliable person to work on security topics, but don’t want or can’t employ an internal for that
• Or they need a security manager, but the effort does not justify a full position
• The corporate security needs constant but flexible support
• The current security manager is leaving the company and a successor is not yet found. We provide an interim manager, who takes over as much as possible from the leaving manager, manages the security and hands it over to the successor.
• A huge project is planned or running and the customer needs a security manager who takes care about that part

Question the status quo and improve it

Security can only work when the implemented or required measures do it as well.
We find deviations from the target state and indicate how that can be solved/improved.

• You already have an established security concept and want to have it audited externally?
• You would like to have single processes and/or systems checked?
• You are not sure if your guarding company is fulfilling the contract properly and if the pricing is appropriate?
• You need to confirm with an audit if your business partner is fulfilling the agreed security standards?

Facing emergencies and crises prepared

Depending on the standards you may already have we support you in the creation and implementation of Emergency Response Plans (ERP), Crisis Management Plans (CMP) and Business Continuity Plans (BCP).

Our aim is to create compact and flexible plans that serve the management team as a supporting tool for handling different emergency situations as best as possible. Those plans include a focus on the health and safety of the people working on your site.

The Business Continuity Management and the Business Continuity Plan aim to keep up or restore your business as quick as possible after an impact. The BCM may start parallel to the ERP/CMP, but is rather targeting on the time after it.

• Liability: with view on the German speaking Countries’ legislation it is important to have at least an Emergency Response Plan in place, since the employer’s responsibility for the health and safety of the employees is established by law.

• Image and customer retention: poor emergency/crisis management can lead to huge damages incl. human life and reputation.

• Keeping the business running: those who are prepared can comparable easy use arranged alternatives of processes and infrastructure.